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5 Benefits of Sandblasting

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In the field of construction, sandblasting is a popular technique that uses materials in small bits that can be shot at high speeds. This is directed toward a surface to smooth, clean or refine it. This is a popular method when it comes to surface coating preparation because it prepares the surface. Sandblasting prepares the surface and adds a protective coating. This speeds up the preparation of the surface by up to 75%, that’s why it’s beneficial. The following are the other benefits of sandblasting service from   


Quick and Easy to Do 

Even though the job claims to be easy and quick to do, you still need a professional to do it. The process is not long and not overly strenuous, which is great for you because the working hour is reduced. The clean-up is also easy and quick to do. The tarpaulins, which are waterproof and heavy-duty cloths, are laid underneath the surface. Once the professional is finished with the sandblasting, all you have to do is remove the extra material and then get on with it.  

Versatile Uses 

You can use the sandblasting method for a lot of things. This method is not for stripping the pavement only, but it also works as a paint-removal technique. So you can imagine that the surface is refined and polished. The surface’s dirt and contaminants are removed through this method. You can apply this method on delicate surfaces like counter tops and tables, and strong surfaces too like parking lots and pavements.  

Non-Toxic and Environment-Friendly 

The name of the technique might imply that a lot of chemical is used to achieve such great surface. The truth is, the sandblasting is done without using sand. Amazing, right? There is a dustless sandblasting that is healthier and safer for the environment and your health. It is not dangerous to the environment or people around you. The material used is sodium bicarbonate, which is a great substance that’s non-toxic when ingested, touched or inhaled.  

Quick Turnaround 

One of the major benefits you can get from sandblasting is that it can tackle the toughest cleaning jobs efficiently and quickly. The materials used in this method makes up a great abrasive. There are cleaning methods that might take many hours or days to be complete, but sandblasting can do the same job in just 5 minutes.  

One of the great things about sandblasting too is that the surface that has 3 millimeters can be instantly blasted because of the speed and precision of the cleaning and stripping methods. Even the surface with corrosion and old paint can be removed easily. This will leave the surface without dirt and contamination.  

Can Remove Rust 

Rust is stubborn dirt that sticks to metal surfaces. It can damage a significant amount of property because it spreads quickly and can corrode the surface. If the rust builds-up, it might cause the equipment to malfunction. Sandblasting is a great method to eliminate the rust, and keeps the surface working for many years.  

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Advantages of Sandblasting in Cleaning Surfaces

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Sandblasting is a very efficient way of smoothing, stripping, or cleaning a surface. This cleaning method utilizes refined sand grains shot through the sandblaster’s nozzle at fast speeds straight onto the surface to eliminate grime, rust, dirt, or other unwanted spots. This method is a good way to eliminate rust and make your surface look new, whether you need to clean tanks, buildings, equipment and machinery.


Here are several reasons why abrasive sandblasting might be the best way for you: 

Adaptable Solution 

This cleaning technique could eliminate residue, rust, dirt, and much more, which leaves your surface look brand new again. Sandblasting isn’t simply a way of cleaning big parts. However, it could be utilized on precision and small parts, like delicate surfaces or gears. Sandblasting could be your cleaning answer, from rusty fences to trucks to tanks.  

Hard to Remove Rust 

Since rust corrodes metal and it quickly spreads, it could cause a huge amount of damage to your property. Rust damages metals of all types and could even result to malfunction of equipment if it is left to build up over time. However, you don’t have to worry. Sandblasting is the best way of removing rust to keep your property or equipment feasible for a long time.  

Simple Procedure 

Several cleaning methods need a long procedure and has a lot of steps. On the other hand, this cleaning technique does not need any heavy duty cleanup, harsh chemicals, or scrubbing. You will not sweat away cleaning and scrubbing when you choose sandblasting as your method of cleaning. Sandblasting is simply, fast, and could be done in just several hours. 

During the procedure, it is significant to keep relative humidity and temperature levels low using short-term climate control solutions to remove extra moisture that can delay the drying and application of protective coating. Humidity and temperature control is really important when preparing surfaces that are made from metal. This is because the explosion of the bare metal to the environment makes it vulnerable to oxidation, which could further harm the metal.  

Fast Turnaround 

This cleaning solution could efficiently and quickly tackle the hardest cleaning duties. The fine grain feature of the sand makes it as a great abrasive. A lot of cleaning duties that will take days or weeks to complete could be finished in hours using sandblasting. Things that have a diameter of 2mm or more could be instantly sandblasted due to the speed and precision of this stripping and cleaning method. Even the hardest mill scale could be eliminated quickly using sandblasting. Corrosion and old paint could be eliminated swiftly. This leaves the metal a smooth surface without any foreign matter or contamination.  

Sandblasting is typically cheap. It provides extra economic benefit since it effectively clean surfaces faster and better than any old-school methods. Also, it is effective at eliminating rust on metal surfaces. Which means you don’t have to refurbish any surface that has been eaten by rust.

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